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Table 5 Gender Issue and Revision

From: Cognitive testing of the Colon Cancer Screening Behaviours Survey with South Asian immigrants in Canada

Gender Specific Issue
Issue & Survey Description Revisions
Item wording was gender specific Socio-demographic Item: “If you are female and have a male physician, would you prefer a female health care provider, such as a female doctor or female nurse practitioner for health exams?” Responses categories included male, female, and do not care. While this item was intended for only females to respond, a number of males (Urdu, n = 2; English, n = 2) responded to the item indicating that they preferred a male. Both cognitive interviewers inadvertently asked this item because we would not have picked up on this issue. The item was reworded for round two to include both male and female participant responses: “For health exams, would you prefer a health care provider who is?” The responses categories also were modified to: male, female, and no preference.
Urdu language
English language