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Importance of peer review- request for reviewers

External peer review is critically important in evaluating the suitability of manuscripts for publication in the Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes (JPRO). 

We, the JPRO Editors, very much appreciate the efforts our reviewers put into peer-reviewing and know how time-consuming and burdensome reviewing can be. Reading a manuscript and writing a good review can take from 4-8 hours of time. 

Finding people who are willing to review is challenging.  Only about 1 out of 4 people that we ask to review for JPRO agree to do so.  If you submit a paper to JPRO it is especially important that you be willing to serve as a reviewer.  All JPRO articles sent out for evaluation receive 2 reviews and some receive 3 or more.  Hence, authors should expect to review at least 2 articles for every one they submit.

We hope that those who have help us with reviewing continue to do so in the future and that others will begin to support JPRO in this way.

Thank you to all of you who have reviewed and to those who plan to do so.


The JPRO Editors