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Table 3 OHS as compared to EQ-5D-5L dimensional components over time (Spearman’s correlation)

From: A longitudinal validation of the EQ-5D-5L and EQ-VAS stand-alone component utilising the Oxford Hip Score in the Australian hip arthroplasty population

  EQ-5D-5L dimensions
Mobility Self-care Usual activities Pain /discomfort Anxiety/depression
OHS—preoperative 0.6171 (good) 0.5302 (good) 0.6342 (good) 0.6677 (good) 0.2822 (fair)
OHS—6 weeks 0.5639 (good) 0.5065 (good) 0.5934 (good) 0.5881 (good) 0.3328 (fair)
OHS—6 months 0.5564 (good) 0.5296 (good) 0.5725 (good) 0.5182 (good) 0.3673 (fair)
  1. OHS Oxford Hip Score, EQ5D-5L EuroQol 5 dimensions 5 level instrument