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Table 5 Reasons for non-completion of the e-PRO assessment (n = 255 reasons stated in n = 235 patient contacts)

From: An implementation study of electronic assessment of patient-reported outcomes in inpatient radiation oncology

General reasons (n = 129 reasons) n (%)
Does not want to complete (no reason mentioned) 47 (18.4)
Completion too much burden (e. g. high symptom burden, poor general health status) 36 (14.1)
No motivation/does not see sense (e. g. no change in health status, no reaction on results anyway) 21 (8.2)
Mild cognitive impairment, problems regarding communication and/or understanding 19 (7.5)
General dissatisfaction (e. g. with treatment) 4 (1.6)
Does not like questions/answers 2 (0.8)
Specific reasons, but willing to complete in general (n = 126 reasons)
 Intention to complete independently later, but did not 52 (20.4)
 Temporary (e. g. other priorities like family visit, high burden, upcoming therapy) 44 (17.3)
 Forthcoming discharge/transfer 21 (8.2)
 Technical problems 9 (3.5)