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Table 5 Comparison of Patient-Caregiver Concordance on Items Common to Symtrak and Legacy Scales

From: Agreement between older adult patient and caregiver proxy symptom reports

   Spearman correlation Weighted Kappa (quadratic)
Symtrak Item Legacy Scale Item Sym Trak Legacy Scale Sym Trak Legacy Scale
Less Interest or less pleasure in doing things Little interest or pleasure in doing things .16 .17 .17 .11
Feeling sad, down or depressed Feeling or appearing down, depressed, or hopeless .35 .31 .29 .30
Feeling tired or having low energy Feeling tired or having little energy .37 .33 .35 .31
Trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or sleeping too much .29 .27 .30 .25
Poor appetite or overeating Poor appetite or overeating .34 .34 .33 .30
Trouble concentrating on things Trouble concentrating on things such as reading the newspaper or watching television .13 .09 .16 .15
Feeling nervous or anxious Feeling or appearing nervous, anxious, or on edge .22 .27 .29 .22
Worrying too much about different things Worrying too much about different things .26 .31 .26 .30
Becoming easily annoyed or irritable Becoming easily annoyed or irritable .18 .30 .18 .25
Pain interfering with daily activities Pain interfering with general activity .44 .48 .42 .49