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Table 2 Overview of clinician sample characteristics

From: Development and content validation of the Symptoms Evolution of COVID-19: a patient-reported electronic daily diary in clinical and real-world studies

Current position(s) Specialty/training Years of practice Experience with patients with COVID-19
Assistant professor and attending physician at an academic medical center Pulmonary and critical care 8–9 Treats patients in person and remotely, hospitalized and non-hospitalized, pre- and post-diagnosis
Attending physician in infectious diseases at an urban federally qualified health center Internal medicine 10 Treats patients in person and remotely. Sees patients with and without symptoms (patients are screened at the door to the clinic), approximately 10 COVID-19–positive patients per week
Infectious disease department Infectious disease Not stated Treats only hospitalized patients (all patients with COVID-19 are hospitalized in Korea)
Pulmonary critical care physician at a community teaching hospital and director of the sleep center Pulmonary critical care, internal medicine, and sleep medicine 16 Treats patients who have had COVID-19 in the past, but are not recovering (e.g., retained shortness of breath or cough). Sees 4–5 patients in the office per week. Generally performs second-line treatment only
Fellow internist, private practitioner at a community hospital, and internal medicine director of a rehab hospital Internal medicine 25 Treats 50/50 hospitalized and non-hospitalized patients. Sees approximately 4–5 people per week who are concerned about COVID-19. Conducts visits remotely and in person