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Table 6 Known-groups validity of the Japanese version of the PedsQL Infant Scales

From: Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Infant Scales

  N = 145
PedsQL Infant Scales
Physical health summary Psychosocial health summary Total
βa P value βa P value βa P value
Acute disease − 7.50 0.01 − 2.93 0.14 − 4.71 0.03
Chronic disease − 8.70 0.049 − 3.00 0.32 − 5.28 0.12
  1. aNon-standardized regression coefficients calculated from linear mixed model controlling child’s age, gender, parent’s age, gender, and K6 score as fixed effects and study institutions (i.e., day care centers and the pediatric clinic) as a random effect. Therefore (for example), PedsQL Infant Scales Total score among infants with acute disease is 4.71 points lower than among those without acute disease