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Table 1 Interview participants divided into groups based on their responses to the ReadHy questionnaire (Gr1-Gr6)

From: Patient perspectives on digital patient reported outcomes in routine care of inflammatory bowel disease

Group Age Gender Diagnosis Mode PRO
Gr1 73 Male CD Telephone No
Gr2 39 Male UC Hospital Yes
Gr2 53 Female CD Telephone Yes
Gr3 32 Female UC Hospital Yes
Gr3 40 Female UC Hospital Yes
Gr3 33 Male UC Hospital Yes
Gr3 43 Female UC Telephone Yes
Gr4 44 Female CD Home Yes
Gr4 58 Female UC Home Yes
Gr4 61 Male UC Home Yes
Gr5 64 Female UC Hospital Yes
Gr5 46 Male CD Hospital Yes
Gr5 53 Female UC Telephone Yes
Gr6 29 Male UC Hospital Yes
Gr6 65 Male UC Telephone Yes
Gr6 57 Male UC Home Yes
  1. UC ulcerative colitis, CD Crohn’s disease