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Table 2 Non-invasive and invasive diagnostics: LiverMultiScan, Biopsy and FibroScan example quotations

From: Patient understanding and experience of non-invasive imaging diagnostic techniques and the liver patient pathway

“Biopsy was very stressful and very painful. (The MRI) was a walk in the park in comparison to that.” Mary, 51F with Haemochromatosis
“It took me a long time to get over that one. At the time—it was okay. It was the recovery stage after that. It felt exactly like you had been stabbed, which basically I suppose you have been.” Clive, 69M with AIH
“Because I had one recently that did feel quite stressful. This one seemed—I knew what to expect. So, I didn’t feel stressful and I didn’t feel weird afterwards like the last one.” Anna, 35F with AIH
“For me, I didn’t feel anything. I just had a bit of a chill out for ten minutes. I laid back and relaxed.” Alan, 41M with Hepatitis C
“MRI’s are just a short thing out of your day. You sit, you lie down, relax or at least try to relax. Have some loud noises, feel a bit warm, you get out and you get diagnosed and that is sort of it. As procedures go—it’s very casual.” Rowan, 18M with NAFLD
“At the start, it was uncomfortable, it was a tight space. But once you were inside, it was comfortable enough. I think it is just that original going into the tunnel.” Marcus, 25M with Unidentified Condition
“Well, the fibroscan is really quite benign really I think actually. Fibroscan is so short relatively” Charles, 58M with Hepatitis C
“Because it was non-invasive. It doesn’t cause me any problems. It’s quick, it doesn’t affect anything. Whereas the alternative, a liver biopsy would be completely the opposite.” Julie, 43F with NAFLD
“I had two biopsies. I had one in 2011 and one in 2014. It’s excruciatingly painful… And then you go back home and this pain comes there for a number of days to heal up. Then that alone itself—the second time I felt like I was going to have a panic attack… The drama that goes with the liver biopsy. They are preparing you like an operation—it’s traumatic. You know, they make you feel as if they are going to chop you up. I wouldn’t want to go through any liver biopsy again.” Victor, 36M with Hepatitis B