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Table 1 Topics covered in the interview guide [1, 14]

From: The German RECAP questionnaire: linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing in German adults with self-reported atopic eczema and parents of affected children

Topics Questions
General impression of the questionnaire What were your feelings/thoughts when completing the questionnaire?
Comprehensibility How comprehensible was the instruction to you?
How comprehensible were the questions to you?
How comprehensible were the response options to you?
Are there any questions which should be phrased in a more specific manner?
Relevance Are there any questions which are redundant, repeated or very similar?
Comprehensiveness Do important aspects of eczema control lack in the questionnaire?
Response options Are the response options appropriate?
Recall period Is the recall period of “over the last week” appropriate?
Suggestions for improvement Do you have any suggestions to improve the questionnaire?