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Table 1 Falls and UI health risk assessment items

From: No date for the PROM: the association between patient-reported health events and clinical coding in primary care


ICD-9 codes

Urinary Incontinence

 Many people experience problems with urinary incontinence, the leakage of urine. In the last 6 months have you accidentally leaked urine? (Yes|No)

788.2788,20,788.21,788.3788.31, 788.32,788.3788.30,788.33,788.34,




 K-P - A fall is when your body goes to the ground without being pushed. Did you fall in the past 12 months? (Yes|No)

DH & DCS - In the past 12 months have you fallen? (Yes|No)

V15.88, 781.2,

781.3,and all E880.x through E888.x

 K-P - In the past 12 months, have you had a problem with balance or walking? (Yes|No)

DH & DCS - In the past 12 months, have you experienced difficulties with balance or walking? (Yes|No)

  1. aA patient was considered to be at risk of falls if they selected a ‘yes’ response to either fall question