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Table 1 Search strategy for MEDLINE

From: Core outcome sets in cancer and their approaches to identifying and selecting patient-reported outcome measures: a systematic review

Search # Terms
1 exp Neoplasms/ or (cancer*or tumor* or tumour* or neoplas*).mp.
2 ((set or sets or dataset? or “data set?” or outcome?) adj3 (core or minimum or standard*)).mp.
3 (standard* adj3 (terminology or reporting or recommend* or criteria or guideline?)).mp.
4 ((endpoint? or “end point?”) adj3 (develop* or define? or defini* or establish* or determin* or specif* or recommend*)).mp.
5 2 or 3 or 4
6 Consensus/ or Delphi Technique/
7 (consensus or agree* or Delphi or meeting or “expert? panel?” or (group adj6 recommendation?)).mp.
8 6 or 7
9 1 and 5 and 8