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Table 1 Examples of open-ended questioning from the patient semi-structured interview guide

From: Patients’ experiences of Parkinson’s disease: a qualitative study in glucocerebrosidase and idiopathic Parkinson’s disease

Topic Questions
General • Tell me about what it is like to have [GBA-PDa].
• Tell me about a bad day with [GBA-PD].
• Now tell me about a really good day for you?
• How does your [GBA-PD] change from day to day?
• Has your [GBA-PD] changed from one year ago to now? Please describe.
• [If time since diagnosis is more than 1.5 years] Has your [GBA-PD] changed at all since you were first diagnosed? Please describe.
• Does your [GBA-PD] change during the day?
Symptoms • Tell me about any symptoms you experience that are caused by your [GBA-PD].
• Which three of the symptoms that you described are the most bothersome for you? Why?
• Which of the symptoms are the least bothersome for you? Why?
• Are there any symptoms that you used to have but you don’t have any more?
• Are there any symptoms that you are concerned about experiencing in the future?
• Which three of those symptoms would you consider it most important for a treatment to improve? Why?
Impacts • Tell me about how [GBA-PD] affects your daily life.
• Are there any activities that you are now completely unable to do because of your [GBA-PD]?
• Which impacts have the greatest effect on your life? Why?
• Which impacts have less of an effect on your life? Why?
  1. aGBA-PD Glucocerebrosidase-Parkinson’s Disease, during interviews, this term was replaced with the term patients’ used to describe their condition