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Table 3 Comments of > 1 respondents relevant to the PAI-CY 13–17 and suggested solutions

From: First stage psychometric testing of a new instrument for adolescents with visual impairment: the Participation and Activity Inventory for Children and Youth (PAI-CY) 13–17 years


Suggested solutions

“Questions about make-up and personal care are missing”

Adding item: SR: paying attention to your facial care

“The textbox to give additional information should be larger”

Enlarging the textbox

“A question regarding which form of guidance is warranted is lacking”

No adjustment – this can be filled in as response to the question clarifying needs following each domain

“I would like to have a textbox to give additional information at the end of the questionnaire”

Adding textbox at the end of the questionnaire

“I miss questions about how siblings or the social environment deal with the disability”

Adding items: PE: difficulty of siblings regarding the visual impairment; PE: difficulty of other friends/family regarding the visual impairment

“A question regarding the needs of the parents/adolescents”

No adjustment – this can be filled in as response to the question clarifying needs following each domain

“Questions about self-reliance and personal care are too easy/not age-appropriate”

No adjustment – larger samples are needed prior to deletion of these items

“Questions about side jobs are missing”

Adding items: LT: finding and applying for a side job; LT: properly performing your side job

“A response option between slightly difficult and very difficult is lacking”

Adding the response option ‘difficult’

“I would like to have more questions regarding energy balance and fatigue”

Adding items: AC: dividing your energy over the day; AC: doing your daily activities without getting fatigued

“I miss questions about getting a driver license for a car or scooter”

Adding items: MO: finding information about the possibilities to get your driver’s license for car or scooter

“Questions regarding recognizing other people are missing”

Adding item: CO: recognizing other people

“I miss questions about school stuff outside the classroom, for example about school trips”

Adding item: SL: participating in school activities outside the regular classes

“Questions about walking in a crowded unknown environment, for example in shops, are lacking”

No adjustment – covered by item regarding shopping

“Questions about the difficulty of darkness or too much light are missing”

Adding item: MO: participating in traffic at night

  1. SR self-reliance, PE parental experiences, LT leisure time, AC acceptance/self-consciousness, MO mobility, CO communication, SL school