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Table 6 Content of the CKD-AQ

From: Symptoms and impacts in anemia of chronic kidney disease

Symptom/Impact Number of Items
Frequency and severitya 14
 Very tired 2
 Low energy 2
 Weak 2
 Chest pain 2
 Shortness of breath during activity 2
 Shortness of breath while at rest 2
 Difficulty concentrating 2
Severitya 1
 Bruised skin (past month recall period) 1
Frequencya 1
 Difficulty remembering things 1
Impact/ability to do activitiesb 5
 Standing for long periods of time 1
 Sleeping 1
 Didn’t want to do anything 1
 Need to take a break 1
 Need to take a nap 1
Emotional impactc 2
 Distress 1
 Feel burdensome 1
  1. aThe frequency of each symptom was rated on a 5-point Verbal Rating Scale ranging from “None of the time” to “All of the time.” Severity was rated on a 0–10 Numerical Rating Scale, with anchors of “0 = Absent/I did not have” to “10 = Worst Imaginable”
  2. bResponse options for ability to do various activities ranged from “None” to “A great deal”
  3. cResponse options ranged from “None of the time” to “All of the time”