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Table 2 Patient reported outcome measures of depression: content mapping

From: What are the optimal measures to identify anxiety and depression in people diagnosed with head and neck cancer (HNC): a systematic review

Depressed mood
Lowered interest or pleasure in all 
Change in weight        
Change in sleep    
Psychomotor agitation/restlessness  
Fatigue/Loss of energy 
Feelings of worthlessness or guilt  
Indecisiveness/diminished ability to think       
Suicidal ideation    
Low self-esteem 
Number domains covered511109799759115
  1. - Present
  2. HADS Hospital anxiety and depression scale, QIDS-SR Quick inventory of Depressive Symptomatology self-report, SDS Zung self-rating depression scale, BDI Beck Depression inventory, CES-D Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, PHQ-9 Patient Health Questionnaire −9, GDS-SF Geriatric Depression Scale – Short form, BSI-18 Brief symptom inventory − 18, Duke-AD Duke anxiety depression scale, MDI Major depression inventory, CDS Carroll Rating Scale for Depression, DASS 21 Depression anxiety stress scale − 21