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Table 1 Overview of the heart-disease specific PROMs identified by the systematic literature search (N = 34)

From: A scoping review and mapping exercise comparing the content of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) across heart disease-specific scales

Name of PROMsAbbreviationReference
Heart diseases in general (n = 5)
 Duke Activity Status Index
(Duke Activity Status Index – short)
(DASI – short)
Hlatky MA et al., 1989 [26]
(Alonso J et al., 1997 [27])
 HeartQoL QuestionnaireHeartQoLOldridge N et al., 2013 [28]
 Multidimensional Index of Life QualityaMILQAvis NE et al., 1996 [29]
 Quality of Life Index - Cardiac version - IVQLI cardiac versionFerrans C & Powers M, 1985 [30]
 Quality of Life Instruments for Chronic Diseases - coronary heart diseaseQLICD-CHDWan et al., 2014 [31]
Cardiac arrythmia (n = 6)
 AF-QoL QuestionnaireAF-QoL-40Badia X et al., 2007 [32]
 Arrhythmia-specific Questionnaire in Tachycardia and ArrhythmiaASTAWalfridsson U et al., 2012 [33]
Walfridsson U et al., 2015 [34]
 Atrial FibrillationAF6Härdén M et al., 2009 [35]
 Atrial Fibrillation Effect on Quality-of-Life QuestionnaireAFEQTSpertus J et al., 2011 [36]
 Patient Perception of Arrhythmia QuestionnairePPAQWood KA et al., 2009 [37]
 Quality of Life Symptom based for Atrial Fibrillation QuestionnaireQLAFBraganca EO et al., 2010 [38]
Heart failure (n = 14)
 Cardiac Health Profile of Congestive Heart FailureCHPchfMannheimer B et al., 2007 [39]
 Care-Related Quality of Life survey for Chronic Heart FailureCaReQoL CHFVan Kessel P et al., 2017 [40]
 Chronic Heart Failure QuestionnaireCHQGuyatt GH et al., 1989 [41]
 Congenital Heart Disease-TNO/AZL Adult Quality of LifeaCHD-TAAQOLKamphuis M et al., 2004 [42]
 Fragebogen zur Erfassung körperlichen WohlbefindensFEW16Kolip P et al., 1999 [43]
 Heart Valve Disease Impact on daily lifeIDCVPadilha et al., 2007 [44]
 Heart Failure Somatic Awareness ScaleHFSASJurgens CY et al., 2006 [45]
 Kansas City Cardiomyopathy QuestionnaireKCCQGreen CP et al., 2000 [46]
 Left Ventricular Dysfunction QuestionnaireLVD-36O’Leary CJ &Jones PW, 2000 [47]
 Memorial Symptom Assessment Scale-Heart FailureaMSAS-HFZambroski CH et al., 2005 [48]
 Minnesota Living with Heart Failure QuestionnaireMLHFRector TS et al., 1987 [49]
 Quality of Life Questionnaire in Severe Heart FailureQLQ-SHFWiklund I et al., 1987 [50]
 Symptom Status Questionnaire - Heart FailureSSQ-HFHeo S et al., 2014 [51]
 Traditional Chinese Medicine inquiryTCM inquiryFu TC et al., 2016 [52]
Ischemic heart disease (n = 9)
 Angina-related Limitations at Work QuestionnaireALWQLerner DJ et al., 1998 [53]
 Angina Pectoris Quality of Life QuestionnaireAPQLQMarquis P et al., 1995 [54]
 Cardiovascular Limitations and Symptoms ProfileCLASPLewin RJ et al., 2002 [55]
 Myocardial Infarction Dimensional Assessment ScaleMIDASThompson DR et al., 2002 [56]
 Quality of Life IndexQLIRukholm E, et al., 1994 [57]
 Quality of Life QuestionnaireQLMI-2Valenti L, et al., 1996 [58]
 Seattle Angina QuestionnaireSAQSpertus JA et al., 1995 [36]
 Summary Index for the Assessment of Quality of Life in Angina Pectorisa Wilson A et al., 1991 [59]
 WHO Rose Angina Questionnaire
(Shortened WHO Rose Angina Questionnaire)
 Rose GA, 1962 [60]
(Lawlor DA et al., 2003 [61])
  1. PROMs Patient-reported outcome measures
  2. aIdentified by the expert group