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Table 4 Scores for methodological quality using COSMIN risk of bias checklist

From: A systematic review of the measurement properties of patient reported outcome measures used for adults with an ankle fracture

ArticleZelle et al. (2017) *McPhail et al. (2014) *Buker et al. (2017) *Garratt et al. (2018)Turhan et al. (2017) *Olerud and Molander (1984)
PROM Development Doubtful   Inadequate
Content Validity      
Structural Validity   Doubtful  
Internal Consistency  DoubtfulDoubtfulDoubtful 
Cross cultural validity and measurement invariance      
ReliabilityInadequate InadequateDoubtfulInadequate 
Measurement Error   DoubtfulDoubtful 
Criterion ValidityN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Construct validityDoubtful (Convergent validity) Doubtful (Convergent validity)Adequate (Convergent Validity) Doubtful (Known Groups Validity)Adequate (Convergent validity) 
  1. Scores for methodological quality using COSMIN Risk of Bias Checklist; available options are very good, adequate, doubtful, inadequate or N/A. Key: * = Articles were assessed by second reviewer for risk of bias and data extraction, N/A: Not applicable. A blank box indicates that the measurement property was not assessed in the study