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Table 2 Saturation grid of migraine effects on day-to-day activities

From: Content validity of the Migraine-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire version 2.1 electronic patient-reported outcome

Concept 002–003 002-006a 002-005 002-002a 002-001 003-001 001-001 003–002 001–005 001-004a 001-006a
Psychological S      S    S   S
Work or daily activities (work/employment, work around the home, driving) S S S S S S S S S S S
Relationships/interactions with others (social, employment, parenting) S P P S P S S S P P S
Food and alcohol consumption S       S   S   
Leisure time activities (exercise, reading, socializing) P P S S S P P P P S P
Concentration or focus P P S P P P S P   S P
Fatigue/tiredness P P S S P P S S P S P
Energy level P P P P P P S S P S P
  1. aChronic migraine