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Table 1 English version of the RIOFS

From: Reliability and validity of the revised impact on family scale (RIOFS) in the hospital context

1 Our family gives up things because of my child’s illness.
2 People in the neighborhood treat us specially because of my child’s illness
3 We see family and friends less because of the illness
4 I don’t have much time left over for other family members after caring for my child.
5 We have little desire to go out because of my child’s illness.
6 Because of the illness, we are not able to travel out of the city.
7 Sometimes we have to change plans about going out at the last minute because of my child’s state.
8 Sometimes I wonder whether my child should be treated “specially” or the same as a normal child.
9 I think about not having more children because of the illness.
10 Nobody understands the burden I carry.
11 Traveling to the hospital is a strain on me.
12 Sometimes I feel like we live on a roller coaster: in crisis when my child is acutely ill. OK when things are stable.
13 It is hard to find a reliable person to take care of my child.
14 I live from day to day and don’t plan for the future.
15 Fatigue is a problem for me because of my child’s illness.
  1. For each item an answer of four choices should be considered. “1. Strongly agree; 2. Agree; 3 Disagree; 4. Strongly disagree”