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Table 1 Domains of the CFIR

From: The facilitators and barriers to implementing patient reported outcome measures in organisations delivering health related services: a systematic review of reviews

Domain Description Example constructs
The intervention In this case the design of the PROMs and associated processes for administering, analysing and using the data collected. • Intervention source
• Adaptability
• Design
Outer setting Factors external to the organisation which may impact on implementation. This includes the needs of patients that access the organisation. • Patients’ needs and resources
• Peer pressure
• External policy and incentives
Inner setting Factors internal to the organisation which may impact on implementation. For example available resources. • Structural characteristics
• Culture
• Implementation climate
Characteristics of individuals The impact of the views and behaviours of individuals within the organisation on implementation. • Knowledge and beliefs about the intervention
• Individuals stage of change
• Individual identification with an organisation
Process In this case, issues related to implementing PROMs such as evaluating the success of implementation. • Planning
• Engaging
• Executing