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Table 1 List of 34 symptomatic AEs ≥2 from sponsor trials rated by oncologists in one-on-one interviews

From: Integrating the patient voice with clinician reports to identify a hepatocellular carcinoma-specific subset of treatment-related symptomatic adverse events

Hypotension Diarrhea Nausea Vomiting
Fatigue Decreased appetite Anemia Hypothyroidism
Dyspepsia Back pain Muscle weakness Headache
Dizziness Dysgeusia Insomnia Constipation
Stomatitis Abdominal pain Dysphonia Dyspnea
Cough Hand-foot syndrome Rash Pruritus
Dry skin Ascites Dry mouth Abdominal distention
Asthenia Mucosal inflammation Peripheral edema Pyrexia
Weight loss Dehydration