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Table 3 Plaque Psoriasis Symptoms

From: The content validity of the PSS in patients with plaque psoriasis

  N % Key quotes
Itching 20 100% 001–004: Very, very intense, I guess you’d say. It’s kind of like if you’ve ever had poison ivy or poison oak, it’s similar to that, but it doesn’t stop. It just keeps on itching and burning until you finally claw it enough, then the next thing you know you’re bleeding, gotta get that stopped.
Pain 15 75% 002–005: it hurt—it hurt, you know, um, almost like a toothache until you were able to tend to it and get something to ease the pain, it was there, you know.
Burning 13 65% Now, burning, describe it to me again? 003–011: Um, it’s a sensation like, um, I suppose it would be similar to having a severe sunburn or any other type of burn, you just feel a heat sensation that is unbelievably hot in a spot on your leg—in my case it was my legs, lower legs.