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Table 2 Descriptions of needs affected within each domain

From: Conceptualisation of a measurement framework for Needs-based Quality of Life among patients with multimorbidity

  Overall descriptions of needs Example of informant quotations
Physical ability Physically limited in overcoming activities such as personal hygiene, domestic duties, physical activities for the pleasure of it. Push themselves physically to keeping active “…some days you just lie here and can’t do a bloody thing, and there I just have to say it is damn irritating because you want to do so many things. I just don’t have the strength […]. If I have to get something from the other end of the store, I don’t have enough breath for it” (William, 60)
Self-determination Limited by planning around diseases, hindered in impulsive activities, feels depended on others, limited to one’s home or hindered in hobby activities. Need help in everyday life “I’m limited by illness, pain, and then the system. Because there are things I’m not allowed to do, things I cannot do, things I shouldn’t do, things I have to do and so on. I want to be independent of all that and be able to take care of myself” (Robert, 52)
Security Worries about the future or of being a burden to relatives because of insecurities about health conditions and/or treatment. Push themselves mentally “I have worries regarding my illnesses. And it is not the separate illnesses, but the combination of them. What I’m mostly concerned about is the illnesses that have to function together and the two kinds of medicine” (Mary, 59)
Partner and social life Illnesses limit social gatherings, feel as a burden to others, needs support from network, limited in getting new acquaintances. No energy to support others mentally “I was […]in the airport at night, and then I drove home with the chauffeur again. And that was damn sad watching the others leave and then going home again” (Daniel, 48, explaining how he had to stay at home from the annual trip abroad with his friends because of his poorly controlled diabetes)
Self-image Embarrassed about limitations because of health conditions, affected self-esteem, feel stereotyped, blame themselves, bad conscience because of lifestyle “I have been very hysterical about my home having to be clean. I cannot overcome that anymore. It bothers me […]. I’m not proud having guests over. Then I feel embarrassed. […] It has something to do with ones vanity.” (Laura, 39)
Personal finances Illnesses limit means, worries about finances or status in the society ”And not having money, not being able to buy clothes, not being able to travel anywhere, wearing clothes held together by gaffer tape. I think it is a mental burden […]. It’s the insecurity, can I go on living here?” (Mary, 59)