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Table 2 Concurrent and predictive validity

From: A longitudinal validation of the EQ-5D-5L and EQ-VAS stand-alone component utilising the Oxford Hip Score in the Australian hip arthroplasty population

Concurrent validity
Preoperative 0.71 (good) 0.37 (fair)
6 Weeks 0.61 (good) 0.53 (good)
6 Months 0.59 (good) 0.45 (fair)
  6 Weeks 6 Months
Average marginal effect (standard error) Model (link) Average marginal effect (standard error) Model (link)
Predictive validitya
OHS 0.19 (0.06) (low) Gamma (negative inverse) 0.23 (0.08) (low) Gamma (negative inverse)
EQ-5D-5L 0.18 (0.04) (low) Gaussian (identity) 0.16 (0.05) (low) Gaussian (identity)
EQ-VAS 0.37 (0.04) (fair) Gamma (negative inverse) 0.31 (0.04) (fair) Gamma (negative inverse)
  1. aRegression analysis for predictive validity was performed using generalised linear models (GLMs) with baseline characteristics age, gender, CCI and BMI as the dependent variables
  2. OHS Oxford Hip Score, EQ5D-5L EQ-5D-5L utility index score, EQ-VAS visual analogue score of the EQ-5D-5L