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Table 3 2-week diary study, Urgency NRS test–retest reliability

From: Incorporating patient experience into drug development for ulcerative colitis: development of the Urgency Numeric Rating Scale, a patient-reported outcome measure to assess bowel urgency in adults

Test–retest (week 1–week 2)
N 41
ICC 0.877
95% CI (0.770, 0.947)
Test–retest (sensitivity)
N 25
ICC 0.867
95% CI (0.583, 0.968)
  1. CI confidence interval, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, N total sample size, NRS numeric rating scale
  2. *ICC and 95% CI were estimated through bootstrap (n = 1000)
  3. ICC was calculated using the ICC (2,1) model of Shrout and Fleiss (1979)