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Table 5 Instrument face validity informing reduction of a shortlist

From: A systematic review and recommendations for prom instruments for older people with frailty in emergency care

Instrument Theme relevance Appropriate to setting Summarised comments Shortlist
COOP/WONCA Moderate Good Superficial, accessible Yes
Duke Moderate Poor Focussed on self-esteem / existential No
EuroQol Moderate Good Superficial Yes
MQoL-E Good Good Appropriate themes for people with frailty
Self-esteem less relevant
SF-36 Moderate Poor Focus on physical constructs
Many activities beyond typical people with frailty
PcOS Good Good Appropriate themes
Very focused on existential
QoL-AD Moderate Moderate Very specific to people with cognitive impairment Yes
RHDS-OP-SF Poor Poor Too specific to discharge period No
TOPICS-CEP Good Poor Appropriate level. Good coverage of physical and psychosocial
Very long