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Table 1 The I-Score translation process

From: Content validation of a new measure of patient-reported barriers to antiretroviral therapy adherence, the I-Score: results from a Delphi study

Step Actors involved
Two forward translations into the target language (i.e., French) FACITtrans translators who are native speakers from Canada and France
Reconciliation of the two forward translations by native speaking translators A multidisciplinary workgroup composed of four bilingual (French, English) I-Score investigators: a physician originally from France (BL), an international student/statistician living with HIV (SV), and two Canadians with backgrounds in the social sciences (KE, DL)
Two back-translations of the reconciled version into English by native English speakers who are fluent in the target language FACITtrans translators
Review and finalization The multidisciplinary workgroup of I-Score investigators reviewed the back-translations to finalize the translation
Formatting of the test version in Word format FACITtrans staff
Proofreading by two translators working independently from one another and reconciling of proofreading Proofreading:
One proofreader from FACITtrans
One from the workgroup (KE), who discussed results with the other group members for feedback
Reconciliation: FACITtrans