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Table 4 Draft ePASD nighttime symptom and proximal activity items with selected quotes from child concept elicitation interview participants

From: Development and content validation of a self-completed, electronic Pediatric Asthma Symptom Diary

Item US quotes UK quotes
Nighttime diary (nighttime symptoms)
How was your cough last night? Sometimes I cough a lot at night I just like wake up in the night because I’m coughing so much in my sleep
Did you wheeze last night? If I try to breathe in or breathe out, I can hear it [nighttime wheezing]
Well [wheezing], at nighttime, sometimes
In the middle of the night, um, I start wheezing when I’m breathing and I wake up and try to cough it out and I got really annoyed because, um, I got really annoyed because when I started coughing my chest started hurting
How was your breathing last night? [Breathing too fast]. Probably at night or in the morning. This morning it didn’t happen, but last night When my asthma is getting a bit wheezy I am struggling to breathe and it’s hard [coughing sound] because it’s hard to breathe, because my chest gets really bad and normally at night and I start to breathe really heavily
Did you wake up last night because of your asthma? Sometimes in the night, I’ll wake up, like, in the middle of the night and start gasping and coughing, couldn’t breathe I just like wake up in the night because I’m coughing so much in my sleep
  1. ePASD electronic Pediatric Asthma Symptom Diary, UK United Kingdom, US United States