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Table 1 Key asthma symptoms and impacts identified for measurement from the literature review and expert clinician interviews

From: Development and content validation of a self-completed, electronic Pediatric Asthma Symptom Diary

Symptom or Impact

Literature review

EC interviews

Primary asthma symptoms (daytime and nighttime)



 Difficulty breathing

 Chest tightness/discomfort


Proximal impacts

 Nighttime awakening


 Physical and social activity limitations (exercise, running, playing, sports)

 Rescue medication use


Distal impacts

 Fatigue and lack of concentration (as result of disturbed sleep due to nighttime symptoms)


 Lateness/absenteeism from school

 Lower productivity at school


 Missed social events

 Health-related quality of life

  1. EC expert clinician
  2. aNighttime awakening due primarily to cough and difficulty breathing were identified in the literature; nighttime awakening due to difficulty breathing, cough, and wheezing were primary symptoms reported by patients and/or caregivers to the expert clinicians interviewed