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Table 1 Key asthma symptoms and impacts identified for measurement from the literature review and expert clinician interviews

From: Development and content validation of a self-completed, electronic Pediatric Asthma Symptom Diary

Symptom or Impact Literature review EC interviews
Primary asthma symptoms (daytime and nighttime)
 Difficulty breathing
 Chest tightness/discomfort  
Proximal impacts
 Nighttime awakening a
 Physical and social activity limitations (exercise, running, playing, sports)
 Rescue medication use  
Distal impacts
 Fatigue and lack of concentration (as result of disturbed sleep due to nighttime symptoms)  
 Lateness/absenteeism from school
 Lower productivity at school  
 Missed social events
 Health-related quality of life  
  1. EC expert clinician
  2. aNighttime awakening due primarily to cough and difficulty breathing were identified in the literature; nighttime awakening due to difficulty breathing, cough, and wheezing were primary symptoms reported by patients and/or caregivers to the expert clinicians interviewed