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Table 2 Input and output of intermediary documents for each phase

From: Integrated Palliative Outcome Scale for People with Dementia: easy language adaption and translation

Phase Description Input(s) Output(s)
I Conceptual Definition German IPOS-Dem  
II Forward translation German IPOS-Dem FT1/FT2, FT3
III Backward Translation FT3 IPOS-Dem BT1/BT2
IV Expert review German IPOS-Dem, English IPOS-Dem, FT3, BT1, BT2 Draft easy language IPOS-Dem
V Cognitive Debriefing Draft easy language IPOS-Dem Pre-final language IPOS-Dem
VI Proofreading Pre-final easy language IPOS-Dem Final easy language IPOS-Dem