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Table 1 Demographics of study participants across the first five phases of the IPOS-Dem easy language translation and adaption process

From: Integrated Palliative Outcome Scale for People with Dementia: easy language adaption and translation

Phase Number of Participants Background
I: Conceptual definition 4 Health care professionals
  2 Laypeople
II: Forward translation 2 Easy language specialists
  1 Layperson
III: Backward translation 2 Health care professionals
III: Backward translation comparison 1 Layperson
  4 Health care professionals
IV: Expert review 6 Health care professionals
  2 Easy language specialists
V: Cognitive debriefing 4 Registered nurses
  8 Care assistants
  4 Family members
  2 Laypeople
VI: Proofreading 2 Original IPOS development team members