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Table 7 Concurrent validity of the Japanese version of the PedsQL Infant Scales

From: Reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Infant Scales

   N = 43
PedsQL Generic Core Scales Toddler Version
Physical health summary Psychosocial health summary Total
PedsQL Infant Scales Physical health summary 0.61** 0.48** 0.67**
Psychosocial health summary 0.51** 0.60** 0.63**
Total 0.66** 0.54** 0.74**
  1. Pearson’s product–moment correlation coefficients to assess that Physical Health Summary, Psychosocial Health Summary, and the total score on PedsQL Infant Scales were positively correlated with the same scale scores on PedsQL Generic Core Scales
  2. **P < 0.01