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Table 3 Attributes identified by respondents as important for DMD research and treatment (n = 30)

From: Societal perspectives on disease and treatment attributes characterizing rare diseases: a qualitative study from the United States

  n %
Severity/impact on ADL/HRQoL 25 83.3
Limited lifespan 17 56.7
Young age at onset 15 50.0
Inherited/genetic/occurs in families 5 16.7
Lack of treatment availability/no cure presently 4 13.3
Impact on family/caregivers as well as patient 4 13.3
Rarity/disease prevalence 3 10.0
  1. Attributes reported by a minimum of 10% of participants. Participants could specify more than one attribute as being important for research and treatment. Note only 30 participants responded to this set of questions, due to time constraints during the interview