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Table 3 Concept saturation analysis

From: A novel patient-reported outcome instrument assessing the symptoms of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, the PNH-SQ

Symptom Set 1 n = 5 Set 2 n = 5 Set 3 n = 5 Saturation met?
Fatigue Y
Sleep problems Y
Abdominal pain Y
Chest discomfort Y
Shortness of breath Y
Muscle weakness * Y
Cognitive difficulties Y
Difficulties swallowing Y
Sexual difficulties * Y
Yellow eyes Y
Headache Y
Sore spleen Y
Sensitive nerves Y
Back pain Y
Dark urine Y
Paleness Y
Bruising Y
Heartburn Y
Hoarse voice * Y
Fast heart rate * Y
Muscle aches * Y
Urinary spasms Y
Ascites * N
  1. Concept discussed in interview set
  2. ✖ Concept not discussed in interview set
  3. N No, Y Yes
  4. *Represents emergence of a new concept