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Table 2 Themes in interviews with IBD patients—grouped into ReadHy dimensions

From: Patient perspectives on digital patient reported outcomes in routine care of inflammatory bowel disease

Dimension Benefit Concern
Digital services that suit individual needs Increased patient convenience Not fit for smartphone
Unused potential of the system
Motivated to engage with digital services Holistic care Miss updates from hospital
Informing consultations No control on next appointment—being lost in the system
Feel understood and supported by healthcare providers Prioritising hospital resources Fear of being forgotton in the system
Need for “life-line”
Feel safe and in control Data is used in proper way Is data used in proper way?
Understanding of health concepts and language Learning from the PRO questions Difficulties with free text field
Emotional distress Compare with others Compare with others
Increased anxiety
Self-monitoring and insight   Hard to assess symptoms
Ability to actively engage with digital services   Need to be able to use computers or smartphone