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Table 3 Reporting—understanding presented information

From: Patient understanding and experience of non-invasive imaging diagnostic techniques and the liver patient pathway

“I think it helps you understand things. Often, you get blood results with a number or an MRI, they’ll just write a line…Whereas when you see an image, it’s easier to remember and understand.” Natalie, 35F with Autoimmune Hepatitis
“I prefer the visual aid. The text is okay, but when you get a letter back from your consultant and it is full of the technical, the first thing you do is go on google… You are less worried (with the picture) than a report saying you have some steatosis” Matt, 45M with NAFLD
“Seeing the liver and what state it is in, rather than just being told you have F3 or F4. You know, you don’t understand… you don’t actually see the bits which are damaged.” Jo, 48F with Hepatitis C
“I feel I can close the book on my liver. Does that make sense? Even though I had Hep C 6/7 years ago now, I’ve always wondered how much damage is there, as they only take a minute part of the liver when they have the biopsy. I always wondered, so I’ve come and I’ve got the confirmation I was after. I didn’t know it would be so good, but I’m very happy it is. So for me, having a history of (Hepatitis C), this have given me a lot of security to know I am in good shape” Michael, 41M with Hepatitis C
“The colourfulness makes a massive difference. The CT scan, MRI scans. All these scans. They are in black and white. The (radiologist) just points to your liver, this it that etc., but it doesn’t make sense to a layman like me.” Victor, 36M with Hepatitis B
“When I sat down, the first thing I wanted to see what my number. I wanted to see my score. I wish that that would have been bigger, because I had to keep asking.” Simone, 52F with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
“it shows you exactly where the diseased parts of the liver are which is what I haven’t ever known in the past” Lorely, 58F with Nodular Regenerative Hyperplasia
“The visual clarity is just stunning isn’t it, and so easy to understand. Because you haven’t done anything fancy, you’ve just used red, amber, green. So I can see at a glance” Lynne, 55F with Autoimmune Hepatitis
“As I said to you earlier, it’s an encouragement to keep going with the lifestyle I’ve been leading for the last few years. That’s fantastic.” James, 60M with Hepatitis C