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Table 1 MRI procedure example quotations

From: Patient understanding and experience of non-invasive imaging diagnostic techniques and the liver patient pathway

“It all felt quite straight forward and comfortable” Mark, 56M with AIH
“There is one thing I feel I should bring up…. I have COPD and I know that some of peers also have problems breathing. There’s a lot of breathing involved when you are inside the machine… if I had known I would have had this (inhaler) before I went in” Charles, 58M with Hepatitis C
“Because you can’t put them on yourself, you can’t do them up. You feel like you are walking around in corridors, in your nightdress.” Jessica, 35F with AIH
“It was very straight forward. Far more than I was expecting. It’s non-invasive. It is noisy, the headphones keep that out.” Nick, 34M with NAFLD
“There is no pain involved at all. You are just laid down. It’s easy, and that’s it. It’s quite comfortable. You are in a good position and it’s relaxing” Taylor, 48F with PBC
“I am very claustrophobic, so it’s never going to be an entirely comfortable experience, but it was okay. It helped a lot that the assistant kept talking to me, as she knew I was fairly anxious. That helped a lot.” Shirley, 55F with AIH