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Table 2 List of deformities included in the study sample

From: What matters to children with lower limb deformities: an international qualitative study guiding the development of a new patient-reported outcome measure

• Acquired genu valgum post treatment of Ewing's Sarcoma, leg length discrepancy due to growth disturbance due to 8 plates for treatment of genu valgum
• Acquired leg length discrepancy secondary to a tibial fracture
• Congenital A/K amputation
• Congenital femoral deficiency
• Fibular hemimelia
• Congenital pseudarthrosis of tibia
• Genu valgum
• Infantile Blount’s Disease
• Infection induced proximal tibial growth plate disturbance, proximal tibia vara, shortening and recurvatum deformities
• Leg length discrepancy secondary to congenital posterior medial tibial bowing
• Leg length discrepancy, Perthes
• Leg length discrepancy, osteogenesis imperfecta
• Leg length discrepancy secondary to left hemi-hypertrophy
• Leg length discrepancy, post traumatic avascular necrosis of hip
• Leg length discrepancy, arm deformities secondary to meningococcemia
• Leg length discrepancy acquired due to post traumatic malunion of femur
• Leg length discrepancy secondary to septic hip, osteomyelitis, avascular necrosis of hip
• Leg length discrepancy
• Leg length discrepancy, osteoporosis
• Leg length discrepancy, osteogenesis imperfecta, osteoporosis
• Leg length discrepancy, neuroblastoma at birth
• Leg length discrepancy, congenital patella dislocation
• Tibial deficiency (Gallop-wolfgang complex)
• Right femoral hypoplasia
• Right hemihypertrophy, KT syndrome
• Right external tibial torsion, miserable mal-alignment syndrome, osteochondritis dissecans
• Rickets, severe bilateral leg deformities
• Proximal femoral focal deficiency
• Post traumatic partial distal tibial physeal closure with severe deformity of the ankle