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Table 3 Summary of impacts reported in the concept elicitation interviews

From: A qualitative exploration of the patient experience of erosive and non-erosive hand osteoarthritis


Participants, n (%)

Example quote


Erosive HOA sample (N = 15)

Non-erosive HOA sample (N = 15)


Physical functioning

15 (100)

15 (100)

“I can’t, like, open up a jar or pick up big objects with it. And, um, like I said, it’s - it’s just painful.” (61-year-old female)

Activities of daily living

14 (93)

15 (100)

”It’s just hard to button up things. You can’t hardly like zip up things. It’s just annoying. “(62-year-old female)

Emotional functioning

13 (87)

11 (73)

“annoying, because sometimes, you know, you can’t hardly grab things. You’re dropping things … it’s just aggravating when you can’t do just everything, things like you used to, it’s harder now.” (62-year-old female)

Sleep disturbance

11 (73)

11 (73)

“if I fall asleep on my hand or resting my head in my hand and I can feel it getting crampy and tight, it will wake me up and then I will kind of shake my hand out and move it to another position” (57-year-old female)

Work impacts

8 (53)

10 (67)

“I used to be a carpenter but, uh, I couldn’t hold a hammer. I couldn’t grip the, uh, the tools. And so, uh, uh, I had to, uh, stop, uh, doing the, the labor, labor part of the job” (64-year-old male)

Social functioning

5 (33)

6 (40)

“I haven’t went fishing with my friends in quite a while because, you know, trying to reel in the reel and everything … we don’t get to go out on the boat like we used to and have that one on one time or the three of us would go out, the three guys, and hang out.” (44-year-old male)

Financial impact

5 (33)

4 (27)

”Sometimes it do because of the money, you know, the extra medication, the arthritis—you know, Tylenol, arthritis medication, that’s more money. I have to buy more, you know, I have to buy more, more pills, more medication for that purpose” (53-year-old female)

  1. HOA Hand osteoarthritis