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Table 2 Summary of symptoms reported in the concept elicitation interviews

From: A qualitative exploration of the patient experience of erosive and non-erosive hand osteoarthritis

Concept Participants, n (%) Example quote
Erosive HOA sample (N = 15) Non-erosive HOA sample (N = 15)  
Pain 15 (100) 15 (100) “It’s kind of like when any part of your body is sore, you know, you—or have a soreness kind of a feeling, it’s kind of that type of feeling but in your, in your hand. And that becomes noticeable, more noticeable when you move—try to make movement.” (42-year-old female)
Swelling 14 (93) 15 (100) “Well it’s just swollen. It swells up around the joint and you can touch it and you can feel the swelling that’s there.” (70-year-old female)
Stiffness 13 (87) 14 (93) “Like if sometimes when, um, you know like you try to close your hand... It’s stiff and sometimes it’s hard to close your hand all the way.” (73-year-old female)
Loss of strength 10 (67) 11 (73) “I have to more and more use both hands because I don’t have the, um, same strength. And the pain causes like a lack of strength I guess you could say.” (40-year-old female)
Numbness 8 (53) 9 (60) “Well I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced numbness, but it’s just like where I can’t feel how tight I’m gripping something or if I’m—really I can’t feel that I’m even holding it.” (64-year-old male)
Tingling 7 (47) 9 (60) “Well I wake up, my hand is already tingling” (44-year-old male)
Locking 7 (47) 9 (60) “I can’t pry them and sometimes I have to pry them loose and really, really force them loose like, you know, because it’s so locked in.” (53-year-old female)
Feeling of warmth in hand(s) or finger(s) 6 (40) 9 (60) “where it’s painful and it’s, um, um, stiff and it’s throbbing and, you know, it’s painful to the touch also it feels to me anyway it feels more warm like, like, like as if it’s got a fever almost”(40-year-old female)
Nodules (lumps/bumps) 11 (73) 3 (20) “Well it’s like on the tip of every finger it’s lumpy. It’s got lumps on it. You know, like lumps. And that is very painful.” (64-year-old female)
Bent fingers 5 (33) 3 (20) “And the pointer finger will be that way also, but it is permanently or almost—not, not all the way bent, but it is starting to bend at the first knuckle.” (53-year-old female)
Redness 2 (13) 3 (20) “It’s red on top, on the top of the knuckle. It’s like, like you hit it with a hammer or something.” (66-year-old male)
  1. HOA Hand osteoarthritis