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Table 3 Correlations (and p-value) between parent QoL measures and % of area involvement, duration of disease and age at diagnosis of child with vitiligo

From: Childhood vitiligo impacts emotional health of parents: a prospective, cross-sectional study of quality of life for primary caregivers

 FDLQI overall scoreQLCCDQ per-item scoreQLCCDQ emotional domain score
Area of involvement0.26 (0.039)*−0.33 (0.0003)*−0.30 (0.0095)*
Duration of disease0.048 (0.61)−0.012 (0.90)0.072 (0.93)
Age of child−0.19 (0.036)*0.10 (0.27)0.20 (0.53)
  1. *denotes statistical significance (p < 0.05)