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Table 2 Quotations from interviews and their categorization by Domain, Facet, and Item-Level Concept

From: Establishing the content validity of PROMIS Pediatric pain interference, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and sleep-related impairment measures in children with chronic kidney disease and Crohn’s disease

Domain | Facet | Item-level ConceptCrohn’s diseaseChronic Kidney Disease
Pain Interference | pain interfered with sports/exercise | hard to do sports or exercise when had pain“It just hurt so bad that it was probably the first time that I missed a soccer game, because I just was in too much pain, and I couldn’t do it.”n/a
Fatigue | fatigue interfered with friendships | too tired to be with friends“I was too tired, and my friends called me and asked me to go out or do whatever, like go to the park or whatever, and I just had to tell them I couldn’t.”“Like hanging out later with friends sometimes… like I’m too tired to go out.”
Sleep Disturbance | sleep onset | difficulty falling asleepn/a“On a bad night, I can’t fall asleep and then I go on my phone or something. .. .”
Sleep Related Impairment | sleepiness interfered with attention | cannot focus on anything because of sleepinessn/a“When I’m tired I’m not focused on anything, I’m just focused on going to sleep.”