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Table 2 Confirmatory factor analysis PROMIS Fatigue 6a at baseline

From: Psychometric assessment of the PROMIS Fatigue Short Form 6a in women with moderate-to-severe endometriosis-associated pain

PROMIS Fatigue Items Factor Loadings
 1. I feel fatigued 0.863
 2. I have trouble starting things because I am tired 0.808
 3. How run-down did you feel on average? 0.879
 4. How fatigued were you on average? 0.942
 5. How much were you bothered by your fatigue on average? 0.867
 6. To what degree did your fatigue interfere with your physical functioning? 0.842
Model Fit Statistic
 Comparative Fit Index 0.994
 Tucker-Lewis Index 0.991
 Weighted Root Mean Square Residual 1.074
 Absolute Residual Correlations all < 0.10
 RMSEA Estimate 0.112
 RMSEA Lower 90% Confidence Limit 0.093
 RMSEA Upper 90% Confidence Limit 0.132
  1. PROMIS Indicates Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement Information System, RMSEA Root mean square error of approximation