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Table 1 Patients, nurses and haematologists participants included in the qualitative study

From: User experiences on implementation of patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) in a Haematological outpatient clinic

  Gender Age Diagnosis Intervention Consulted by Study phase
P1a Male 74 Polycythemia vera Control N1 F1
P2 Female 73 Waldenström macroglobulinemia Control H2 F1
P3a Male 85 Myelodysplastic Syndrome PROMs available H1 F1
P4 Female 71 Follicular lymphoma Control H3 F1
P5 Female 74 Myeloproliferative neoplasms PROMs available H4 F1
P6a Male 68 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia PROMs not available N3 + H5 F1
P7a Male 78 Myelodysplastic Syndrome Control H6 F1
P8a Male 72 Follicular lymphoma PROMs available H7 F1
P9a Male 71 Essential thrombocythemia PROMs available N4 + H8 F2
P10a Male 75 Myelofibrosis PROMs available H6 F2
P11a Male 74 Mantle cell lymphoma PROMs not available N7 + H9 F2
P12 Female 71 Waldenström macroglobulinemia PROMs available N6 + H10 F2
P13a Male 76 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia PROMs available H11 F2
P14a Female 77 Polycythemia vera PROMs not available H12 F2
P15 Male 83 Myelodysplastic Syndrome PROMs available N1 F2
P16a Female 70 Follicular lymphoma PROMs not available H13 F2
  Gender Experience as a nurse, years Study phase
N1 Female >  20 years F1, F2, FG
N2 Female >  15 years F1, FG
N3 Female >  10 years F1
N4 Female >  15 years F2
N5 Female >  10 years FG
N6 Female >  10 years F2
N7 Female <  5 years F2
N8 Female >  5 years FG
N9 Female >  10 years FG (S)
  Gender Educational status/ Haematological experience Study phase
H1 Male Medical assistan t > 5 years F1
H2 Male Medical assistant > 5 years F1
H3 Female Medical assistant > 10 years F1
H4 Male Senior registrar F1
H5 Male Medical assistant > 15 years F1
H6 Male Medical assistant > 10 years F1, F2
H7 Male Medical assistant < 5 years F1
H8 Male Medical assistant > 10 years F2, INT
H9 Female Medical assistant F2
H10 Male Medical assistant > 10 years F2
H11 Female Senior registrar F2, INT
H12 Female Senior registrar F2
H13 Male Senior registrar F2
H14 Male Medical assistant < 5 years INT
  1. F1 refers to data from Field Study 1, F2 refers to data from Field Study 2, FG refers to data from Focus Group Interview and INT refers to data from the in-depth interviews. a Patients accompanied by a relative (S) on sick leave.