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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: “‘You lose your hair, what’s the big deal?’ I was so embarrassed, I was so self-conscious, I was so depressed:” a qualitative interview study to understand the psychosocial burden of alopecia areata

  Round 1 (n = 30) Round 2 (n = 15)
Inclusion criteria • Aged ≥12 years at time of consent
 ◦ Severe AA diagnosed by a clinician and determined by SALT ≥50% and never treated with JAKi, or
 ◦ Has received successful JAKi treatment, with SALT ≥50 prior to treatment
• Aged 18–60 years at time of consent
• Severe AA diagnosed by a clinician and determined by SALT ≥50%
• Current AA episode lasting > 6 months and no scalp hair regrowth over the past 6 months
• A history of AA episodes lasting > 6 months but < 8 years
• Sufficient physical, cognitive, reading and linguistic capacities to allow patients to actively participate in a 90 − minute interview
• Fluent in English and can give documented informed consent
Exclusion criteria • Diagnosed with androgenic alopecia • Diagnosed with other forms of alopecia including male or female pattern hair loss
• Has experienced ≥95% scalp hair loss for ≥8 years
• Diagnosed with active psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or other dermatological condition that could be severe enough to impact this study, or any other serious condition that could interfere with this study
• Known substance abusers
  1. Abbreviations: AA Alopecia areata, JAKi Janus kinase inhibitors, SALT Severity of Alopecia Tool