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Table 2 Conceptual Domains Considered Components of Health

From: Psychometric validation of a Saudi Arabian version of the sf-36v2 health survey and norm data for Saudi Arabia

Normal physical functioning (including general mobility, exercises, and sports) 70%
Normal psychological function and feelings (happiness, love, peace, and stress-free) 66%
Eating (healthy habits, enjoyment of food) 61%
Normal social functioning (with family and friends) 50%
Good sleep (habits, duration, quality, and uninterrupted) 49%
Normal daily activities (self-care, housework, work, schooling, etc.) 49%
Free from illness 38%
Full of energy (free from pain or fatigue) 28%
Performing religious acts (going to the mosque) 25%
Leisure functions (primarily travel and outings) 17%
Normal cognitive function 8%
Others (good finance, health checkup, normal weight, etc.) 7%