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Table 6 Entries related to the ICU diary leading to Change in Knowledge & Bonding

From: Intensive care unit (ICU) diaries and the experiences of patients’ families: a grounded theory approach in a lower middle-income country (LMIC)

Themes Concepts Entries
Creating Knowledge, Changing Perspective Rebuilding faith in
doctors and nurses
Enables correlation between
words and actions
Changing perspective about
Health Care System
3B DAUGHTER: Yes, what they have told was written in the diary. Their words are very frank and supportive.
17A BROTHER: Doctors and nurses at AIIMS are handling severe sickness well.
28A SON: I feel doctors are frank and stable. There is no hidden agenda. I felt they have humanity and compassion for us.
31A DAUGHTER: I liked the doctors’ and nurses’ behaviour.
17A BROTHER: But if nurses could behave as beautifully as they are writing then the patient and the family will be happier.
13A SON: Whatever doctors are explaining to us was written clearly for my brother in the diary.
13B SISTER: A positive change has come. It has removed fear of hospital, bad smell and dirt because it was neat and clean.
18A SON: Impressed with hospitality of AIIMS Increased acceptability of severe sickness, staff and doctors.
28B DAUGHTER: After seeing repeatedly I feel AIIMS is a clean nice hospital. They give clean clothes and put my father on a bed!
28A SON: I overcame my fear of the hospital.
A bridge to community Bonding Exhibiting the Diary
Spreading Knowledge about Health Care
13 SON: I told everyone. They are eager and waiting to see how it looks after completion. We are showing it to everyone who comes to see my brother at home. We tell that it is a gift from the hospital to us.
15A HUSBAND: I had told everyone. Everyone was waiting eagerly for it to come to see it.
15B SISTER: I had discussed gladly about my and others staff members’ entries with my family and neighbors.
16A BROTHER: Everyone (in the extended family) was astonished when they heard about the diary at home.
16B BROTHER: Everyone was happy in our colony to see the diary.
3A SON: We can know the events which happened in the hospital. It will help us to be aware about the disease and hospital in the future.
3B SON: The family, relatives and neighbors can understand the treatment and hospital environment.