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Table 5 Entries related to the ICU diary leading to Improved Communication

From: Intensive care unit (ICU) diaries and the experiences of patients’ families: a grounded theory approach in a lower middle-income country (LMIC)

Themes Concepts Entries
With Healthcare workers Understanding the treatment and the course of disease
Introducing & Associating the healthcare worker with the patient
1C SISTER: They are giving time for the entries from their busy schedule.
3B SISTER: They had written in medical terminology about father’s care.
9B SISTER: I read all writing about treatment in my own language (odia). I felt good about it.
13A SON: They have written clearly about their efforts to save my brother.
17A Brother: I could understand all machines they use, how my brother is eating food through pipe in the nose … I felt at ease.
3A SON: I introduced my parent well on first page- if doctors know the wonderful person, they will treat him with full efforts.
15B SISTER: I get to realize how caring they are towards their patient from their entries.
16B BROTHER: They are writing truthfully and in a fair manner.
1A Brother: Nursing staffs writing was touching.
7A WIFE: I have read. I thought, they were not treating a patient as an object but
understanding him and trying to save his life.
9A BROTHER: After reading I got to know that they are sensitive towards our feelings and our patients.
With Patients Documenting good times with loved ones 3A SON: I have to express my feeling towards my father in words. It’s very important for me as it is a medium to know about my father’s health. I wrote all that happened during shifting him from home to hospital because he was not conscious and would not remember it later.
8A SON: Usually I am very straightforward and even rude to my father. But in the diary, I have written everything emotionally.
13A SON: I felt very happy. I have never expressed myself about anyone like this before.
15B SISTER: I wrote for her to get better. Because I am very concerned about her as she is my most favorite sister among all others.
17A BROTHER: I also wrote about the anxious situation at home so that she can understand when she reads it after recovery.
18B GRANDSON: I wrote good words for Maa. How I missed her when she is in ICU.
31A DAUGHTER: Felt shy to write. If I had written everything I would have asked for her forgiveness because I have many fights with mother, good or bad. When she was in ICU, I missed these times.