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Table 4 Entries related to the ICU diary being Accepted and Appreciated

From: Intensive care unit (ICU) diaries and the experiences of patients’ families: a grounded theory approach in a lower middle-income country (LMIC)

Themes Concepts Entries
New concept Appreciative the novelty of concept 1A BROTHER: I like the cover, protection design and photos.
9A BROTHER: It’s a great idea and effort.
15B SISTER: It is like a gift from the hospital.
15C BROTHER: As it is a new thing, it feels good.
15B SISTER: A new experience for me. I thank my sister (the ICU patient) that
because of her I could experience something like this.
Reliving (Photographs) 1C BROTHER: I liked my brother’s photo.
Others: Reminded me how he came back from the ‘mouth of death’
A feeling of continuity 3B SISTER: It had been printed like a magazine.
Others: It is like a daily television serial, story unfolding.
For me it is a newspaper telling me of my loved one
A book about my brother!
Exploring colours and creative writing material 9B SISTER: Colored papers are attractive. Creative writing material
9B SISTER: Colored photos are attractive.
9C SISTER: I have written in colored pen and paper like senior doctors and nurses.
28B Daughter: I have written about the coloured paper and colored pen to my father.
Emotional Support Unburdening Oneself 1C SISTER: As I could express myself so I felt light.
3B DAUGHTER: Before and during writing I cried. After entry I felt unburdened.
7A WIFE: I felt I could express my emotion and feelings directly in front of him.
8A SON: I have written everything emotionally and this helped me feel light /unburdened.
9B SISTER: I felt very happy and unburdened. But during writing I felt like crying.
16B BROTHER: Felt relieved and unburdened by writing in it.
Express Deep Hopes and faith 3B DAUGHTER: I wrote about father’s recovery and how I want father to get well soon.
1B BROTHER: I just need him to be a good human and live a healthy life for his family.
7A WIFE: I wrote that he should get better because I want him to improve with everyone’s efforts.
7B BROTHER: I wrote encouraging words for my brother to get better.
18A DAUGHTER: Hope of mother’s recovery.
Assuage Guilt 18A SON: I had written all my feelings about my mother; I want to be a good son of her.
31A DAUGHTER: Felt shy to write. If I had written everything, I would have asked for her forgiveness
because I have many fights with mother, good or bad. When she was in ICU, I missed these times.